“Leadership lies in the quality of the leader’s decisions and the accuracy of the leader’s direction.” – Phumeza Patra


“Great strategies fail in the hands and hearts of man. For the hands cannot execute what the head and heart have not agreed upon.” – Phumeza Patra


“Coming together does not mean understanding, understanding does not mean agreement and agreement does not mean loyalty.” – Phumeza Patra

Visionary Leaders

“Vision Bearers mystically reach the destination, and they come back to walk the track with us” – Phumeza Patra

Inspirational Change

“Change is about the balance of scale, for people spend more time in the environment that they live in, than the environment you are trying to create.” – Phumeza Patra


“Learning without transformation is like travelling without definite destination.” –  Phumeza Patra


“A team about people who allow to be vulnerable with one another for the greater good.” – Phumeza Patra

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About Us:

The Leaders Planet is a Corporate partner in optimizing talent processes to yield better return for both business and its employees.

Our Strategic Intent : To partner business in building organizational competence to meet its strategic objectives.

Our Mission: Enabling Organizations to realize and utilize its potential through Integration, Priority and Ownership.

Our Values: Responsibility, Authenticity, Respect, Expression (RARE)

Brand Statement: Empowering  a New Generation of Leaders



Culture & Change

· Understanding the world of work

· Understanding Diversity in the Millennial Age

· Business & Wellness


· Self-Esteem

· Soft-skills

· Self Efficacy- BRACE Model

Self –Leadership

· Self –Awareness and Decision Making : Anchoring

· Leading Authentic Self

· Leading Authentic Relationships

Corporate- Leadership

· Individual Contributor Development

· Leader Influence  for Talent & Influencers

· Excellence for Service-orientated leaders

· Leadership for first line supervision

Skills Development Practice

· Skills forecast and Planning

· Talent Development Strategy & Employee Life cycle

· Practical Coaching and Mentoring for ETD Practitioners

Organisational Developmental Programmes

· Employee Engagement & Operational Excellence : Employee Perspective

· Coaching and Mentoring

· Career Management