“Leadership lies in the quality of the leader’s decisions and the accuracy of the leader’s direction.” – Phumeza Patra

Strategy “Great strategies fail in the hands and hearts of man. For the hands cannot execute what the head and heart have not agreed upon.” – Phumeza Patra
Commitment “Coming together does not mean understanding, understanding does not mean agreement and agreement does not mean loyalty.” – Phumeza Patra
Visionary Leaders “Vision Bearers mystically reach the destination, and they come back to walk the track with us” – Phumeza Patra
Inspirational Change “Change is about the balance of scale, for people spend more time in the environment that they live in, than the environment you are trying to create.” – Phumeza Patra
Purpose “Learning without transformation is like travelling without definite destination.” –  Phumeza Patra
Teamwork “A team about people who allow to be vulnerable with one another for the greater good.” – Phumeza Patra



The Millennial Leadership – A well researched topic incorporate the kind of leadership that makes Millennials to flourish. This presentation can be used to engage Millennialls and to develop leaders  Stepping Up into Excellence – This presentation highlights the 3 Fundamentals of Excellence and its 7 Pillars

Wisdom Nuggets

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