“Leadership lies in the quality of the leader’s decisions and the accuracy of the leader’s direction.” – Phumeza Patra


“Great strategies fail in the hands and hearts of man. For the hands cannot execute what the head and heart have not agreed upon.” – Phumeza Patra


“Coming together does not mean understanding, understanding does not mean agreement and agreement does not mean loyalty.” – Phumeza Patra

Visionary Leaders

“Vision Bearers mystically reach the destination, and they come back to walk the track with us” – Phumeza Patra

Inspirational Change

“Change is about the balance of scale, for people spend more time in the environment that they live in, than the environment you are trying to create.” – Phumeza Patra


“Learning without transformation is like travelling without definite destination.” –  Phumeza Patra


“A team about people who allow to be vulnerable with one another for the greater good.” – Phumeza Patra



Business Transformation


All our Business Transformation Interventions include but are not limited to Situational Analysis, Process development, Training, Coaching, and/or Mentoring.

Culture Change- Organisational culture evolves all the time, and transitions not just in business but in people take place, which may be one of the reasons that culture though quite cannot be ignored, as it is the performance spring-board for the organisation. Mostly organisations know how to do these changes in a technical sense, and what they want to achieve in the end. We on the other hand partner organisations to transition with its people during change interventions, be it a process, training and/or tools to be developed.

Leadership Ethos – Leadership culture becomes critical when we speak employee engagement, retention of talent and younger generations, hence this becomes a competitive advantage for any organisation that wants best talent. We partner organisations to create their leadership ethos, create processes that enable talent to engage with the brand and be brand ambassadors. This can be achieved through processes development, training, coaching and/or mentoring.

Human Resources Development Practices- The practices also known as learning and development practices, have a 7 – developmental transitions of an employee in their career cycle. This means developing practises that are relevant to the development stage employees are in, to improve excellence in the workplace, and avoid emotional and resources burden.

Learning Strategies and Methodologies – The different tactics and ways that learning can be delivered in an organisation supported by the business strategy. This include creating a learning environment, aligning skills development to the business strategy, developing career paths and competency matrices.

Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring – We provide competence based mentoring through skills and knowledge application for individuals and groups.

Coaching – We provide life coaching, career coaching and business coaching for individuals and groups. Click here

Mentoring and Coaching is offered inclusively or exclusively as part of a learning programme, can be done both face-to-face and/or online.

Empower to Inspire Group Engagements

Transformational  Talks- These are theme based talks intended to empower individuals so they are inspired to act towards the newly discovered learning. We have several topics that are readily available for use in the following areas: Poetry; Personal Mastery, Authentic Relationships, Congruent Leadership; Change & Transformation; Societal Awakening.

Theme Plays- We develop plays unique to the need of the client. These can be based on culture, leadership, and social impact.

Poetry- We write situational poems, this could be in a form of story-telling or to create a compelling reason for change. We already have variety of poems. Click here to listen to our AUDIOS.

Wisdom Nuggets – These are inspired quotations, that are available as quotations to inspire free-thinking around certain topics. Some come with notes that explain the context of the quotation inspiring open –discussions and reflections. Click here for an example.

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