“Leadership lies in the quality of the leader’s decisions and the accuracy of the leader’s direction.” – Phumeza Patra


“Great strategies fail in the hands and hearts of man. For the hands cannot execute what the head and heart have not agreed upon.” – Phumeza Patra


“Coming together does not mean understanding, understanding does not mean agreement and agreement does not mean loyalty.” – Phumeza Patra

Visionary Leaders

“Vision Bearers mystically reach the destination, and they come back to walk the track with us” – Phumeza Patra

Inspirational Change

“Change is about the balance of scale, for people spend more time in the environment that they live in, than the environment you are trying to create.” – Phumeza Patra


“Learning without transformation is like travelling without definite destination.” –  Phumeza Patra


“A team about people who allow to be vulnerable with one another for the greater good.” – Phumeza Patra
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About Coaching-Fruitfulness

Life is response to demands and supply of the world we live in. These are either visible or invisible, expectations from humanity or the world itself. To either be functional or overwhelmed by life, depends on the choice of strategies, application of self awareness, boundaries and life style one creates.

To define how people are we use an analogy of a fleshly- drupe fruit, soft outside but hard inside. We believe that we can really be fruitful when the hard inside breaks, i.e. becomes vulnerable, so learning and growth take place, because by then we are willing to be flexible to the outside demands, while we have all our fitness within us.

If we are born like a seed, full of potential within that hard-covered seed, then we need a push to germinate the seed to fruitfulness. Coaching is that non-judgmental space where freedom of thought is appreciated, and where meaning-creation in relevance and intensity is completely owned by you in a way that is congruent to your three centres of choice and certainty.

Coaching Narrative Video

Get intimate with the emotional side of life Coaching, through this story-telling  presentation on the Traveller’s journey to Self-Discovery.

Coaching Ethos

Our coaching ethos at Coaching-Fruitfulness is based on research based on other scholars supported by our two analogies of a fleshly drupe fruit seed and that of a traveller, these frame our coaching methodology, which is; Engage for Fruitfulness… Travel journeys that Matter…. Invest in what lasts…. DISCOVER

Our Coaching Programmes


Life Coaching


Definition: Is partnering others on their journey of discovery by reconnecting  to their whole unique selves and their in born excellence in order to live a fruitful life (Nobhongoza, 2016).

Objective: We invest in life coaching because we believe that one cannot give what they do not have. Life coaching looks at holistic life transitions and life cycles that as individuals we are faced with, and through our self- knowledge and self-acceptance, how to navigate them in a positive way that leaves one fulfilled,  feeling that they are living a fruitful life, and are adding value in others’ lives.

Real Life Story: I was very fortunate to get everything I wanted in life before I hit age 30 ( Degree, Marriage, Career, Children) and it was post-apartheid era so as a black female in South Africa, the sky was the limit. However a different turn of events  happened, which I found myself out of my comfort zone ( in societal description), and few years later out of my luxury lifestyle. Because I had no life coach, it took me longer to take decisions which exposed me to risks, to find someone to think with as most of advises I received were not congruent with me, and mostly to get to the freedom of knowing that you can only be responsible for yourself, that life events are not good nor bad, nor are they anybody’s fault.

Career Coaching

Definition: Career Coaching, we define in a holistic reference of choices to invest time, where people create and benefit from the value intrinsically or extrinsically.  We partner people to realise career choices best beneficial for them and broaden their scope based on their abilities and potential in a formal and non-formal sector

Objective:  We invest in career coaching to partner individuals as they transition  and grow (willingly or non-willingly) through their careers. These are the people  who want to be best at what they do through excellence, love what they do through career choice and career-paths, and create what they love in an existing or new scope and/or environment (right career choice in the moment).

Real Life Story: Having spent 4 years completing B.Tech in Analytical Chemistry just  because I was good in Maths and Science, is no wonder that two years after completing my degree I left it because I chose it for the wrong and unsustainable reasons. I have undergone informal career coaching through self awareness. It  brought me to the fore to align with my potential and who I really am. Having grown up in a small village in Eastern Cape with no career guidance, being an introvert and also having my own personal insecurities; without those self-awareness and potential assessments, maybe I would still be in a corner somewhere hiding from the world and depriving everyone of the value I could have added in the world, and living a miserable life with no benefit.

Business Coaching

Definition: Business coaching is about aligning the person/s to the business objectives, environment and leadership ethos, in a way that benefits both the person/s and the organisation.

Objective: We invest in business coaching with a purpose to improve business Performance, Transformation, Leadership

Real Life Story: With my 15+ years in the corporate environment, both in a technical and human resources development space, I have learnt how important for one to be happy at work, with the work they do, and the importance of how to prioritise relationships and embrace organisation values, to be able to adapt through change and business objectives. I was fortunate to work in a multinational corporate that prioritised values and business conduct as part of performance management which helped me shape my business hygiene and ethics, and which overall helped in fast tracking my career ( through push and pull factors) as a right talent the business would be willing to invest in, and develop further.